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WIN Networking updates

Written by Allegra Jackson

Here's the line up of this weeks' daily Networking rooms & Conversations in the WIN Mansion:

Morning cup of Inspiration  | M - F @ 6am EST

Hosted by Allegra Jackson

Daily networking rooms  | M - F @ 9am & 2pm EST

Hosted by WIN Leaders

Improving Your Sales Funnel: Lead Generation & Conversion | M - F @ 11am EST

Hosted by TeeCee Okore

Systems are Sexy | 1st & 3rd Mondays @ 11 am EST

Hosted by S. Orinthia Duncan

Bible & Business | W & Th @ 12pm EST

Hosted by Aarionna Hamiton-Lusane

Courses that Convert! | M - F @ 1pm EST

Hosted by Sandra Muriel-Colorado

Relationship Talk | W @ 9pm EST

Hosted by Dr. Jackie Black



The WIN Mansion is our virtual networking space on the Clubhouse audio app, where we discuss topics related to Business, Community, Personal Development, Careers, & Networking. As a WIN directory or a VIP Member, you receive access to open your own rooms in the W.I.N. Community House with the support to help you grow it!!!


Join the Women Into Networking W.I.N. Community Mansion on Clubhouse to access these LIVE Conversations with other WIN Members!

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