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Women Into Networking WIN

Volunteer Program

Who Are We

About the Program

Welcome to the WIN Volunteer Program

Are you a WIN member looking to make a significant impact in your local community while aligning with the mission of Women Into Networking WIN? Join our WIN Leadership Program and become a catalyst for change!

At Women Into Networking WIN, we believe in empowering Women Entrepreneurs & Men who support them by fostering an inclusive environment where meaningful relationships are built, experiences are shared, resources are accessed, and professional development is cultivated.

Why Volunteer with WIN?

Our volunteers are eager to offer their time and money as a support to our cause for various reasons, including:

  • Personal tie to cause: Many of our volunteers have a personal connection to our mission, making their contributions even more meaningful.

  • Career advancement: Volunteering with WIN provides opportunities for career growth and development.

  • Role model: By volunteering, individuals become role models for others in their community.

  • Meet like-minded people: WIN volunteers have the chance to meet and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for empowering women.

  • Community care: Our volunteers genuinely care about making a positive impact in their communities.

  • "Pay it forward": Volunteers believe in giving back and paying forward the support they've received.

  • Gives life meaning: Volunteering with WIN gives life meaning and purpose to our volunteers.

Benefits of Volunteering with WIN

Our volunteers play a crucial role in the life support of our nonprofit, providing benefits such as:

  • Increased manpower: More volunteers mean increased capacity to carry out our mission effectively.

  • Fresh ideas and approaches: Volunteers bring diverse perspectives and innovative ideas to our organization, helping us remain relevant.

  • Diversity: Volunteers bridge the gap within the communities we serve, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

  • Donations: Volunteers are supported through career advancement, mandated programs, social connections, improved health and well-being, and increased self-confidence.

We welcome volunteers from various backgrounds and experiences, including:

  • Nonprofit Board and Committees

  • General Service

  • Virtual Volunteers

  • Micro-Volunteers

  • "Voluntolds"

Possible Assignments Include:

  • Board Governance or Advisory

  • General administrative tasks and errands

  • Marketing and Fundraising

  • Advocacy and Awareness

  • Technical roles such as Data Analysis, IT, and Website management

  • Direct services like Mentoring/Tutoring, Care for the elderly, sick, and disabled, Feeding the hungry, Providing counseling and support, Animal care, Community clean-up, and Construction projects.

Volunteer Agreement

We have a designated volunteer agreement that outlines the expectations and commitments of both Women Into Networking WIN and our volunteers. It ensures a mutually beneficial and productive relationship between the organization and our dedicated volunteers.

Ready to make a difference in your community and advance your career while supporting our mission? Join the WIN Leadership Program today! For more information, please contact us at or call us at 404-594-4488.

Thank you for your dedication to our organization. Together, we can empower women and make a lasting impact in our communities.

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