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Our Corporate Partners & Sponsors

Our Corporate Partnerships enhances our community to support our ongoing nonprofit efforts, while also meeting our business goals.Three key components we look for in our Partners are a shared goal or mission. a mutually beneficial exchange, and commitment of time.

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LaShana West is a Business Therapist and Mindset Coach that has been serving in the mental health field for over 20 years spending the early years of her career working directly with individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Ernise Cummings, Secret Miracles, Inc.

Secret Miracles, Inc. exists to provide early career development guidance, career planning activities, and professional mentoring to underrepresented students to build stronger consortiums of highly motivated students, well-appointed toward achieving a more accomplished and gratifying college and career experience.

Visit Secret Miracles

The Benefits of Partnering with WIN

Grow With Us

Our WIN Corporate Sponsors/Partners are Members with Companies looking to grow with the WIN Mission. With our WIN Partnerships, we are able to provide more valuable resources to our community Members with your expertise, guidance and monetary support! Your Partnership support includes hosting workshops; providing space, sponsorship. and promotions to our Mission; donating to our Fundraising effort and being a support to the WIN Agenda.

Think you qualify to be a Corporate Sponsor/Partner? CLICK BELOW to sign up under a Corporate Sponsor/Partner Membership.

Being a Corporate Partner/Sponsor of WIN (Women Into Networking) comes with a plethora of benefits, making it a highly advantageous opportunity for businesses looking to enhance their brand visibility, network with industry professionals, and support a meaningful cause. Here are some of the key benefits of becoming a corporate sponsor:


  • receive special mentions on all WIN Community platforms, including social media, newsletters, and the WIN website. This exposure helps to enhance brand recognition and visibility among a targeted audience of professionals and potential customers.

  • gain access to exclusive networking opportunities, including monthly virtual networking events on Zoom and in-person local meetups. These events provide a platform for sponsors to connect with other members of the WIN community and establish valuable business relationships.

  • receive special recognition at WIN events, including logo features on event flyers, banners, brochures, and boujee bags. This visibility ensures that sponsors are prominently recognized and associated with the WIN community.

  • have the privilege to host WIN conversations and workshops, providing them with a platform to showcase their expertise and thought leadership within their industry. Additionally, sponsors may be featured as speakers at WIN events, further positioning them as leaders in their field.

  • gain access to exclusive resources, such as the WIN Private Community Groups and the WIN Directory. These resources provide valuable networking opportunities and business spotlights to showcase sponsors' products or services.

  • receive promotion across various channels, including social media spotlights, blog features, and inclusion in press and media campaigns. This multi-channel promotion helps to amplify sponsors' messages and reach a wider audience.

  • receive complimentary tickets to WIN workshops, meetups, and the annual conference, allowing them to participate in valuable educational and networking opportunities. Additionally, sponsors may receive complimentary WIN merchandise as a token of appreciation for their support.

  • have the opportunity to be actively involved in WIN events and initiatives, such as the annual conference and the planning committee. This involvement allows sponsors to contribute to the success of WIN programs and initiatives while strengthening their connection to the community.

Being a Corporate Partner/Sponsor of WIN provides business owners with a wide range of benefits, including increased brand exposure, networking opportunities, thought leadership, and access to exclusive resources and events. It's a mutually beneficial partnership that supports the advancement of women in networking while offering valuable opportunities for sponsors to grow their businesses and connect with industry leaders.

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