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As a powerful Community of empowered Women in Business & Men who support, we are going through another phase of growth! 

Over the last 2 years, we've ran audio networking rooms everyday for 5 days a week with the support of our WIN Leaders and we've grown this Community to thousands of high level professionals, Entrepreneurs, & CEOs who have advanced thoroughly as we've grown in each of our WIN cities across the US and in the UK. 

Also, our in person Meetups have increased in measure as we've been featured on Media channels such as iHeart Radio, ShoutOut Atlanta, and many other outlets within the US. Because our WIN hub is located in Atlanta, GA we will be testing out more activities and events there first in order to effectively spread our impact in each of our other WIN cities across the US!


Now, we are a nonprofit organization and our fundraising campaigns began September 1st, 2023! Our fundraising efforts include Donations through WIN Memberships, Corporate Sponsorships, Fundraising Events, & Crowdfunding to improve our Mission to empower Women in Business and Men who support them. Our amazing networking benefits we provide include: 

  • Weekly WIN activities, meetups, & events.

  • Monthly Networking Workshops & Masterclasses.LIVE features and promotions in our WIN channels on IGTV/YouTube/LinkedIn.

  • Listing in the WIN directory for a year.On-stage access to all WIN networking audio stages on Clubhouse & LinkedIn.

  • Complimentary access to WIN Meetups & Activities in your local city. 

The demand for networking communities for women is growing as more women enter the workforce and seek opportunities to connect, learn, and advance in their careers. Research shows that women benefit greatly from networking, mentorship, and peer support, and they often face unique challenges that can be addressed through a dedicated community. 

Our platforms provide a supportive and inclusive environment where women can share knowledge, exchange ideas, and build strong relationships that lead to success. With a focus on networking events, mentorship programs, and online resources, WIN will become the go-to community worldwide for women seeking to advance their careers and expand their professional networks.


We are seeking to raise $250k towards our 2024 fundraising goal which will support our non-profit operations, inter office structure & development, and marketing efforts to expand our Mission with the communities we operate in. This includes hiring a team and supporting our volunteers; funding our projects and 

programs for 2024, funding our Quarterly & Annual Meetups, and any nonprofit agendas that may arise in the next year. 

Our Team consists of our Founder, Allegra Jackson; Co-Founder, Aarionna Hamilton-Lusane; and founding Board, TeeCee Okore & Sarah Curcio. Each team Members has been with the organization for more than a year and will continue to support our organizations efforts on contract moving forward. 

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