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Internship Marketing Skills from W.I.N.


Where can I grow practical and hands-on marketing skills as part of my experience? What skills can I gain from it? The Women Into Networking internship is the best position where I can develop marketing skills. This is the best program to start my profession as a beginner. A traineeship at W.I.N. allows me to expand my knowledge & abilities in digital marketing with my mentors Sarah Curcio, and Sandra Muriel-Colorado.

Market Research

My mentor Sandra instructed me on how market research works. She taught me to look for pain points in my competitors' businesses through social media platforms and websites. This internship allowed me to look up Avatar's problem they had with nutrition supplements. The pain points can be high priced, fewer customers, no workout/body results due to synthetic supplements, and more unmet needs for the clients. As a result, my new market research skills will help me understand the competitive analysis landscape and make informed decisions to drive my business success.

Competitive Analysis


Sandra taught me about competitive analysis skills before building my business. As a beginner, she demonstrated how to research overall operations from many companies related to my nutrition business. She instructed me on social media platforms and business websites, where I can get all competitors' information. So, I jotted down the avatars, products, locations, and prices before I created my own. It allows me to be creative when building my brand awareness and business. As a result, I take the competitors' inspiration before creating engagement posts on Instagram and Facebook.



I'm now skilled at crafting designs on Canva under Sarah's instruction. She taught me how to create graphic contents by using templates, photos, icons, and fonts. I can make my brand logo and colors for my Powertrition business. She also instructed me on how to design the background and label the symbols of the topic for each carousel slide. As a solution, I'm proficient in design as part of my marketing skills, thanks to Sarah.


During my internship at W.I.N., I got the opportunity to learn more about market research, competitive analysis, and Canva from my professional mentors. My skills in developing aesthetically captivating content, recognizing market trends, and customizing tactics to satisfy customer demands have all improved. I'm ready for success in my next marketing ventures thanks to these experiences from the Women Into Networking program.

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