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Pathways to Prosperity

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Hey @Everyone 🚀

We are building our Community’s awareness about financial literacy thanks to amazing Members like Toria Howard! 🥰

Join us as we empower you about your Finances starting April for Financial Literacy awareness month!

If you have a 400-699 credit score and want to increase above 700 credit score, Toria has a resource that LEGALLY erases negative items such as .. repos, foreclosures, late payments, medical bills, student loans, evictions, and more.

DM/Comment “Info” below

Volunteer for our WIN projects and support our Mission by empowering Women about their finances!

Volunteer opportunities include:

✅Hosting Workshops

✅Moderate WIN Conversations

✅List your offers on the Project Resources landing page

✅Donate to our Pathways to Prosperity Project Fund

See the link in the INFO SECTION above ⬆️ | DM for more info

Are you in the finance industry?

Drop a heart ❤️

Tag a person you know would qualify for this project…


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