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Women's History Month: For My Mother

When I think of a strong woman, I always think of my mom. While physically she isn't as strong as a man, she has lived through things that should have hurt her spirit but instead made her grow. As a first-generation daughter, everything I was able to accomplish has been because of her.

Growing up, my mom always put a huge emphasis on academics and how we would make it far in this life if we decided to go to University. With every good grade, she would praise my siblings and me and encourage us when we had failed an assignment. She who had never had a proper education wanted to make sure that her children were able to receive one.

My mother is the one who taught me everything that I know. She was the one who taught me how to be a good person, to speak up for myself, and never let me doubt myself even when I thought I had failed. She had worked hard to give my siblings and me the life that she never had and let us dream big while never discouraging us from doing so. She who had left her home country for us to receive a good life never compiled when things got rough. My mother taught me that I can do anything I want as long as I believe in myself and never give up on my dreams. She is my first supporter and cheerleader and is the reason why I can be confident in any type of decision that I make.

As I take my first steps into adulthood, I am reminded of the sacrifice that she had made to make my dreams come true, and will forever be grateful for the love she has given me. I dictate this Women's History Month to my hero, my inspiration, and my rock; My mother.

Women's History Month

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