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WIN Networking schedule this week…

Hey WIN Members & VIP!!

Join us on our WIN networking stages on Clubhouse & LinkedIn this week to Promote your Business in the WIN Chatteau and gain exposure to new audiences every single week.

Its Mandatory to be a WIN Member or VIP to access the stage.

Here is this weeks' networking schedule:

Monday 9/4


Tuesday 9/5

Join the LinkedIn Round table and share your thoughts in our monthly Community Conversations at the table on LinkedIn🪑 Sign up to be featured at the RoundTable >>> CLICK HERE to RSVP

Wednesday 9/6

PROMOTE your BIZ: Networking Space for WIN Members 💰🏃‍♀️💨 CLICK HERE to RSVP & Join the room on Clubhouse!

Thursday 9/7

WIN Audio Networking room 🎤 Click HERE to RSVP

Friday 9/8

WIN Audio Networking room 🎤 Click HERE to RSVP

Sunday 9/10

NJ Meetup >>> RSVP HERE

All WIN platforms and networking events are open to WIN Members & VIP! Become a Member so we can support your Business too!

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