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Can women actually get along and work together while being in the same industry? This is a topic that can be debated by many. In a stereotypical world, some tend to believe woman are more difficult to get along or work with. There are many misconceptions that women gossip or feel envious towards each other leading them to be more competitive. A Harvard study has shown that women are more likely to collaborate with others. Women are more inclined to care for the collective. It is found that most women believe in the idea of being a good team player and assisting all of their colleagues to help them get their work done.

In my personal experience as a college student, I have found that myself along with the other women I have worked with in a group setting tended to be more willing to take the initiative to collaborate with others. I found that some of the guys we would work with were more likely to slack off or wait until myself or my other female group member assigned them a task to complete. It seemed as though we put more effort into completing the task in a timely manner as we have other responsibilities to take care of. While the men did not feel any rush to get the tasks done.

In the majority of my group work experience either myself or another woman tend to be the glue of the group. So in fact, women can work effectively and efficiently amongst each other. I feel more confident working with another female as I know we will be able to empower one another and have the potential to build a new relationship. In life this is important for us all in order to become successful and grow. In the workplace especially, woman should be building each other up, not down as we are all trying to navigate the business world in once known men dominated field.

Katelyn Davanzo

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Allegra Jackson
Allegra Jackson
Jul 28, 2023

Hehe…I chuckled a little when you talked about Women and Men working together in group settings! Great article ❤️

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