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The Start of my Career Journey


Hi, I’m Jessica Lilly and I’m a senior at Montclair State University.  I major in communications and I have a minor in professional writing. Both my minor and major have taught me how to write in many different genres of professional writing such as:

  • Technical writing

  •  Grant writing

  • Public Relations Writing

  • Nonprofit storytelling

Who am I?

Woman named Jessica Lilly is dressed in black professional attire and is staring directly at the camera with a neutral expression.

I was born and raised in New Jersey and from a young age I’ve had an interest in writing. At first, I was only interested in creative writing but now I have a passion for business writing. Additionally, during my college career, I joined multiple student organizations like PRSSA and WMSC radio. In 2022, I became a certified DJ and currently I have my own radio show called Jessica’s Playlist that is on 90.3 WMSC Upper Montclair.

Career Journey

I’m set to graduate in May of this year which is a bit nerve wracking since I’ll be diving into the unknown. A new experience like this is terrifying but also very exciting because I will begin my career journey. The career path I'm interested digital marketing or public relations. Either way, my future career will likely be related to writing digitally. During this internship, I hope to gain skills in both email marketing and SEO writing. I look forward to writing more blog posts about what I've learned from Montclair.



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