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Self Care

Burnout has been a major issue in the workplace especially for those women entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. Women more feel pressured to work harder to impress their employees and counterparts. Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety in the workplace compared to men.

Women also feel the additional weight on their shoulders to take care of their additional responsibilities at home including watching their children or other family members. Burnout effects all employees at any point in their career. Symptoms of burnout can include exhaustion, sleep disorders, and depression.

As a college student, I definitely struggle with burnout from going to class, work and extracurriculars while trying to catch up with studying and homework. It can be difficult to balance all of this at once while also trying to have a social life. For myself I find it is important to take small breaks and do something for yourself such as watch an episode of a tv show, read, listen to music, or go for a walk. There are many ways to practice self care.

Burnout in the workplace should be a wakeup for society. This is another problem in the workplace that effects our mental health. The rates of mental health have continuously been on the rise. One study has found that around two-thirds or 64% of employees are struggling with mental health related issues. It is critical for companies to make sure their employees have a proper work-life balance by providing employees with vacation days and flexible hours.

Everyone should remember to take care of themself and prioritize their mental health as health is always a top priority over work. Taking care of yourself and feeling good will also lead to a more productive workplace.

Katelyn Davanzo

University of Delaware

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