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Risk or Reward

Is social media actually beneficial? Social media is defined as interactive technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of interests and ideas. Social media can be crucial for new entrepreneurs and local businesses trying to work there way up and create a name for themselves. Companies that create social media platforms can easily develop their brand and reach new potential customers.

77% of small businesses use social media to reach their customers. Small businesses are doing what they can to reach the most amount of users in the cheapest and simplest way, building their social media platforms. 76% of social media users have purchased something they found on social media. This statistic alone proves a valid point, if users are engaged enough with a company on social media they will purchase products directly from their platforms.

Social media can contribute to attracting new customers and gain customer feedback. Although customer feedback can not always lead to a positive outcome. Negative reviews or even false or misleading claims can spread rapidly. Social media always ads to be displayed more often because of the variety of social media platforms.

It is critical for companies to be sure their message is being perceived in the right way. Consumers watching ads on displayed on their devices can be viewed in the wrong way. For example, in 2017 Dove released their body wash in various sizes just as how women come in various shapes and sizes. Many women were not fan of the idea as they did not want to be reminded by the shape of their bodies. As the body wash came in six shaped bottles women felt their body was being categorized as there is more than six different body types. Dove received major backlash for this ad.

As someone who is active on social media, I tend to find videos or images of new products or gadgets. I have also bought products from small businesses or even large companies such as Amazon through a video or ad I have seen while scrolling through social media. On the other hand, I have came across users who talk poorly of certain products or companies which contributes greatly to the reputation of the company.

Social media has its benefits and risks. I feel as though it is important for companies with social media accounts to use them cautiously. Each company should have implemented social media procedures and strategies prior to posting in order to implement the best possible outcome for their company.

Katelyn Davanzo

University of Delaware

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