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Celebrating My Mother's History Month

Updated: Feb 29

My Education Struggle

Who sacrificed in helping to overcome my life challenges? Why did this person help me to be where I'm at today? First, I congratulate my mother for helping me through this challenging journey. Since three years old, I was diagnosed with autism, making it difficult for me to study, memorize, read, speak, listen, understand, focus, and make friends at school. At elementary school, I never said a word, and I never knew I was there for education and thought it was a punishment.

My Mother's Help

My mom was working those times, and then she procrastinated for my reasons. She sacrificed in raising and helping me instead of continuing to work. My mother was taking me to and picking me up from school. She convinced the Unified School District to get me into a special education program and stepped up for me to prevent bullying. After that, I continued my education and gained interaction skills. I eventually made friends, educated myself, and graduated from kinder to university undergraduate program.

My Mother's Inspiration

I wouldn't be at the top of the mountain today without my mother. She inspired my sister to do the same as a single mother and have her daughters graduating high school. That inspiration will be passed on to the future generations. Today, let's congratulate every mom in this beautiful world who has done a great job supporting their children through difficult times with education/health and making them feel special.

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