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Necessary Skills to Become a Marketer & Teacher

Higher Education

My full name is Nicholas Steven Moya-Lopez and I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with my bachelor’s degree in general studies to become a professor or a teacher. I was born in Huntington Park, California, and live in Reno, Nevada. I started my college career at Reno, and my first higher education setting was Truckee Meadows Community College. From there, I completed an associate of arts transfer degree program before attending the University of Nevada, Reno. I took theater arts and photography, which was the most interesting subject because there were plenty of photoshopping techniques such as coloring, contrast, sharpness, mask, brightness, tone curve, and more. I am also an expert in math & writing, and my weakness is communicating constantly.


I’ve been a Walmart team manager-employee for 1½ years, where I gained interest in marketing. I am passionate about working with the customers in finding the products and increasing sales for the company. I love displaying posters of products such as clothing, toys, and more.

W.I.N. Post-Internship Development Skill Goals

I am thrilled to start my internship at Women Into Networking to gain the essential skills I need for the future. I am eager to dig deep into marketing strategy to make a high volume of consumers, such as promoting sales. That’ll be helpful for their budget and my business’s budget. Creating blogs, designing advertisement images, and converting them into websites are also skills. Building a business and gaining profit is something I am interested in participating in. Those techniques are essential for my career in teaching students, and I also want to promote myself to a Walmart market manager position in the future. Marketing skills are important for different subjects such as math, writing, arts, sociology, technology, and more. I would love to include them in whatever subject I teach. I look forward to working with the team members and mentors in this internship learning process.

Nicholas Moya-Lopez graduates from S.N.H.U. as a first generation

Feel Free to click on the right side of the LinkedIn and/or Instagram box for contact. I will be happy to communicate and answer any questions you may have.

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I love this article Nick! Great job 👏

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