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Women Into Networking WIN

Ambassador Program

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About the Program

Join the WIN Ambassador Program

Welcome to the WIN Ambassador Program, where members like you can become leaders in their local cities and contribute to our mission of empowering Women Entrepreneurs & Men who support them. At WIN, we believe in fostering an inclusive environment where women can build meaningful relationships, share experiences, access resources, and develop professionally.


As a volunteer with Women Into Networking WIN, you play a crucial role in helping us achieve our mission. Our volunteer agreement outlines the expectations and commitments of both parties, ensuring a productive and rewarding experience for all involved.

Women Into Networking WIN commits to:

  • Providing adequate information and training to help you meet the expectations of your volunteer role.

  • Explaining what is required of you and providing support and encouragement to help you achieve desired results.

  • Assigning you a named supervisor who will provide regular support and supervision meetings.

  • Treating you with respect and courtesy, being receptive to your comments and feedback, and recognizing your contributions as a significant resource.

As a volunteer, you commit to:

  • Fulfilling your volunteer role as assigned and performing to the best of your ability.

  • Following the organization's policies and procedures, maintaining security, and promoting safety.

  • Meeting time and task commitments and providing sufficient notice when unavailable.

  • Acting in a way that aligns with the aims and objectives of the organization and enhances its work.

  • Attending orientation, training sessions, and continuing education as necessary.

WIN AMBASSADORS have specific responsibilities, including:

  • Filling out the Ambassador Form and signing the WIN Leaders Volunteer Contract Agreement.

  • Becoming an official WIN Member and meeting with your WIN Leader weekly.

  • Helping promote the WIN mission and membership.

  • Assisting in planning, promoting, and co-hosting three Meetups.

  • Host one meetup while your WIN Leader cohosts. 

  • Attending monthly, WIN leader meetings on Zoom.

  • Hosting a weekly room on Clubhouse in the W.I.N. Mansion, while wearing the W.I.N. Sleeves/Uniform. 

  • Participate in the monthly Virtual Networking Event on Zoom.

Thank you for your dedication to our organization. We are committed to ensuring that your volunteer experience with Women Into Networking WIN is both productive and rewarding.

For more information, contact us at or reach out to us at 404-594-4488. Connect with us on social media @womenintonetworking.

Join us today and become a WIN Ambassador! Together, we can empower women to reach new heights of success.

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