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Health Equity and Business

Hello! My name is Emma Bathurst, and I am a W.I.N. Marketing Intern. I will be a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. I am majoring in Business and Communication & Leadership. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with family (including my three dogs) and friends, thrifting, and listening to music. I always appreciate music recommendations! I enjoy doing sudoku and a little fun fact about me is that I am a twin.

I find purpose in positively impacting lives, specifically through working to achieve equity. I am still exploring various fields to figure out my passions. Some of these fields are real estate, financial planning, advocacy, business and entrepreneurship, technology, and music. I recently took a class diving into the correlation between social issues and health issues, sparking my interest in healthcare advocacy. Speaking generally, health care and technology are some of the areas I am passionate about using to reach people and improve their lives. Health equity means going to the doctor and receiving appropriate care at an affordable price. Understanding the impact of technology on mental health is another area I am exploring. Maybe it is the empath in me. Maybe it is the personal struggles I have experienced. Maybe it is the two and then some. Either way, I want to change the system to truly focus on people and their wellbeing. I am driven by the intersection of people, business, and advocacy.

Networking is essential to success. “It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know.” Through this internship and joining the W.I.N. Community, I hope to continue to network with like-minded individuals with a passion for personal and professional growth. You learn most by seeking to understand others and their experiences, as well as leveraging others’ strengths to make working together more efficient and the outcomes more successful. Feel free to reach out. I am always willing to chat!

Emma Bathurst

The University of Texas at Austin

McCombs School of Business | Moody College of Communication |

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