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Empowering My Career: The Skills Gained from my WINtern Experience

Internships are available to college students who are looking for valuable on-the-job experience at various media industries all across the country. Some skills students can gain from an internship include benefits of networking, strong communication skills, and the ability to work well with others. Some benefits of internships include better preparation for future employment as well as expanding upon current knowledge/skills. 

I now want to share with you my experience as an intern for the WIN program.

About Me

As a current senior about to graduate in May, I was looking for opportunities where I could get some valuable experience as well as networking connections in the marketing/business industry. While searching for opportunities, I came across Women into Networking. When I first came across WIN, I had no idea who they were or what they did. After doing some research into the company, I was intrigued and felt like I could learn a lot from this company. Once I found out about the Wintern program, I knew this opportunity would be perfect for me and what I was looking for in an internship program. 

My Experience

Throughout my journey as a Wintern, I have not only gained skills and knowledge that will help me throughout my professional career but in my personal life as well. One of the biggest lessons I have learned through this program is to never be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Being afraid to speak up for myself is something I have struggled with at times in the past but this program and community has made me feel so comfortable to be open and share my thoughts/feelings. In today’s job market, a strong portfolio is crucial when standing out against other candidates to future employers. This internship has given me the ability to build my digital portfolio through content such as blog posts, carousel posts, and graphic media. Being able to build this portfolio will not only strengthen my resume but also help further me in a career in the digital or social media marketing industry. 

This program has given me hands-on experience with social media marketing such as writing blog posts, getting familiar with SEO, and gaining more experiences with different platforms. I have been able to learn a lot about audience engagement and analyzing social media metrics. Overall, I have been able to embrace my digital marketing skills and strengthen my love for social media and content creation.


In conclusion , this program has allowed me to strengthen my knowledge and skills of social media marketing as well as gain networking opportunities that will help me in my professional career.

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