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Pathways to Prosperity

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Allegra Jackson
April 10, 2024 · changed the group description.
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"Pathways to Prosperity" is a collaborative initiative between Women Into Networking WIN and local community organizations aimed at supporting women facing economic hardships. Our mission is to empower women to overcome financial challenges, gain economic independence, and build a stable future for themselves and their families.

Project Activities include:

Financial Literacy Workshops

We will host a series of workshops focused on financial literacy, budgeting, debt management, and saving strategies. These workshops will provide practical skills and knowledge to help women take control of their finances and make informed decisions.

Job Readiness Training

We will offer job readiness training sessions covering resume writing, job search strategies, interview preparation, and professional development. These sessions will equip women with the tools and confidence to secure employment opportunities and advance in their careers.

Entrepreneurship Support

We will provide support and resources for women interested in starting their own businesses. This includes business planning workshops, mentorship opportunities, and access to funding options and networking events.

Access to Resources

We will connect women with additional support services, such as affordable housing, childcare assistance, healthcare resources, and legal aid. By addressing the holistic needs of women, we aim to create a pathway towards economic stability and self-sufficiency.

Allegra Jackson


"Pathways to Prosperity" is a collaborative initiative betwe...
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