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Thriving Entrepreneurs

During 2020, the Covid pandemic has significantly effected everyone in one way or another. In a Boston College study, women experienced more than 55% of job losses during the pandemic. More women were getting laid off compared to men as women felt more of the burden to stay home to take care of their children. Women to began to start their own businesses as they were determined to make their income from the convenience of their own home. Starting a business had it’s benefits as they were also able to choose their own hours to have a flexible schedule while attending to their children’s needs.

As I was a student during the time of the pandemic, I was home with lots of freetime. As the months at home went by, I’d spend more time on TikTok. As I scrolled I began to see a TikTok video of a female entrepreneur selling bracelets. The video immediately drew my attention because I love jewelry. As I further looked into the woman’s account I saw she was a mother of young children that lost her job during the pandemic. She had the idea to start a jewelry business to due to her creativity and dedication to support her children in any way she could during these tough times. I was really inspired by her story and ordered bracelets for myself. They arrived fairly quick and arrived in cute packaging. I absolutely loved them. I began to promote her business to my family and friends in hopes to get the word across and give this woman more business.

Overtime, I saw her business began to grow as she gained more followers and views. Social media has contributed greatly to the success of new women entrepreneurs attempting to start their own business. I felt honored that I contributed to the woman’s success. I was glad I was able to support a woman going through a hard time as I hope others will do the same to me if I am struggling. It is essential to continue to encourage and empower each other as much as we can during the good and bad times.

Katelyn Davanzo

University of Delaware

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