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From Track to Tech: The Journey of an Aspiring Marketing Consultant

Hey there! I'm Tripti Tiwari, I am from Austin, TX and a junior at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, and I'm excited to share a bit about my journey as an aspiring marketing consultant and passionate advocate for women's empowerment.

My Time in College 

People say college is all about finding yourself. Well, I'm doing just that – balancing my love for sports as a sprinter on IU's track team with my passion for business and women's advocacy. I'm majoring in Marketing, Finance, and Business Analytics, partly so I can learn a lot and mostly because I am indecisive. :))


Advocating for Women 

As an aspiring marketing consultant, I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to sharpen my skills and make a difference. One of my proudest roles is serving as the Marketing Executive for the UN Girl Up Foundation at IU. This position allows me to combine my marketing expertise with my deep-rooted passion for advancing women's education and professional opportunities. I get to create impactful campaigns that raise awareness about the importance of girls' education globally and inspire action in the community.

Girl Up Organization at Indiana University

What I am currently up to + Past Experiences

I always look for opportunities where I can use my passion for productivity. This summer, I'm working with WIN, collaborating with other interns who share my passion for advocating women in the professional world. At the same time, I'm diving into the world of digital marketing at Simon Property Group. With both opportunities, I am gaining experience in marketing while indulging my interest in analytics and tech.

But my journey as an aspiring marketing consultant didn't start here. I've been helping small businesses leverage social media marketing for a while now. It's amazing to see how a well-crafted social media strategy can make a huge difference for these businesses, especially women-owned enterprises.


Aside from my professional aspirations, I am a big believer of enjoying yourself through hobbies:

  • Piano

  • Discovering new music - Current favorites: Drake and Kaytranada

  • Binge-watching the latest TV show

  • Running

  • Anything outdoors (to balance my inner couch potato)

  • Traveling!! - Next dream location: Brazil


Looking into the Future

Looking ahead, I see myself diving deeper into the consulting world, combining my marketing skills with my love for analytics. As an aspiring marketing consultant, I dream of continuing to work with small businesses, non-profits, and organizations that champion women's causes. One day I hope to open my own gym and add entrepreneur to passions!

 I hope to stay connected!!

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