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Not your typical SEO - Insight about boosting my business on WeChat

Have you ever envisioned an app merging the functionalities of Google, Instagram, TikTok, FaceTime, and messaging? WeChat, a popular Chinese application, does just that. Offering users a diverse array of features such as messaging, shopping, and more, WeChat profoundly influences the search landscape by supplying users with a wealth of data and content.


I'm Choinam Zheng, currently interning as a social media marketer at W.I.N. Additionally, I manage the social media accounts for a dance company named PHOENIX based in China. Since 2014, PHOENIX has been dedicated to teaching children dancing, starting from preschool age up to high school. Our repertoire includes a variety of styles such as Chinese traditional dances, folk dances, ballet, and hip-hop.

As we expanded, we encountered challenges in reaching more target audiences. This blog delves into the background research I've initiated to address this issue.


In exploring avenues utilized by businesses similar to PHOENIX to engage their audiences, I've found a prevalent strategy involves leveraging platforms like WeChat, a multifunctional application. As combining every functions people want to use, the platform also offers in-app search that make users lean on searching within the app instead of traditional search engines.

WeChat reach 800 million monthly active users on WeChat Search in 2022, marking a 54% increase in search volume compared to the previous year. Notably, WeChat Search significantly contributes to the growth of followers for public accounts, with a 27% share.


Considering the local context, individuals seeking information on dance classes for their children frequently turn to WeChat Search. Recognizing this, I am taking proactive steps to optimize PHOENIX's presence on WeChat, focusing on enhancing search engine optimization (SEO) for our blog accounts. By strategically aligning our content with relevant dance categories, I aim to improve visibility and ensure PHOENIX appears prominently in search results, facilitating easier discovery for potential customers seeking dance classes for their children.


Learn more about me through Introductory Blog, Linkedln, Phoenix Latest Blog!


Citation: Gabbert, Elisa. "Are search engines dead in China?" Search Engine Watch, September 14, 2020,

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