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From Aspiring Therapist to Budding Marketer: The College Journey to Career Discovery

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Hi! My name is Liz Knopp. I am a senior at University of Colorado Boulder, majoring in Psychology with minors in Business and Sociology. When I first began college in 2022, I was planning on pursuing my love of helping others by becoming a therapist. However, through the course of my freshman year, I realized that being a therapist was not the route I wanted to take in order to achieve this goal. During this time, I received an email from my school advertising the Business minor program that includes introductory courses on various realms of business and gives students a chance to apply these skills in a capstone project senior year. I was immediately intrigued and applied to the program as I realized I could apply my skills in the business world to help people. One of the first business classes I took was Principles of Marketing, and I quickly realized that it was a great fit for me, as understanding human behavior is essential to successful marketing decisions. As a budding marketer, I have yet to narrow down exactly which area of marketing I wish to pursue, however, my interests include:

  • Marketing analytics: combining my analytical thinking skills with my knowledge on buyer behavior to understand and address marketing questions and concerns

  • Strategy: advising businesses on the execution and management of marketing campaigns

  • Social media management: using my love for social media to run social media pages for a company

I’m currently in my hometown, Colorado Springs, for the summer living with my mom and my brother. I’m really excited to expand my knowledge in marketing this summer as a WINtern and learn more about the ins and outs of different types of marketing strategies and gain experience in these fields. This summer, along with the WINternship, I will be continuing my TA job for a class on Principles of Marketing from this past semester remotely and doing some freelance pet sitting. I also plan on completing a certification in Data Analytics via the Google Career Certificates program.

In my free time, I love to be outdoors hiking, hammocking, and paddle boarding. I’m incredibly passionate about music, and spent 3rd-12th grade in an auditioned community choir called the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale. During this time, I traveled to places like Australia, New York, Hawaii, and New Orleans to sing with choirs from all around the world. While I’m no longer a part of a choir, my passion for music remains and I love finding new music and going to concerts (I've gone to 4 so far this year!). It would be a dream come true to be able to combine my love for the outdoors and/or music into my career once I graduate in 2025.

I can't wait to see where this newfound interest in marketing takes me, and I would love for you all to come along for the journey!

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