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Kelly Laws

Founder/CEO/Vision Coach

My business is helping to disrupt and bring change in education and we are beginning at the federal level. My purpose is to prepare our nation's school systems to compete academically on a global playing field that has become extremely competitive. To help move us forward, I have created an Elearning Plan and a new school system that will change the way we educate students by helping them find purpose, explore entrepreneurship, and gain valuable skills while in school. This new plan incorporates innovation and technology to bridge the gap so that all students have the ability to create wealth. Book me for your next event to learn more about the movement that is taking place in education.

I am also a vision coach! Let me educate you by helping you map out your business idea and take it from vision to paper and from paper to purpose. I specialize in helping individuals who struggle with bringing clarity and organization to their business visions.


Kelly Laws
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