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Catch the replay for this incredible workshop presented by our WIN Co-Founder, Aarionna Hamilton-Lusane. 


Are you looking to infuse your business endeavors with timeless wisdom and principles from the Bible? Join us for an illuminating digital workshop: "Bible & Business."


In this transformative session, we'll explore the intersection of faith and entrepreneurship, uncovering invaluable insights and practical strategies for success derived from the pages of scripture. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur seeking to align your business practices with your faith or a newcomer eager to explore the spiritual dimensions of entrepreneurship, this workshop is for you.


Led by knowledgeable and passionate speakers, we'll delve into biblical teachings that offer profound guidance on leadership, ethics, stewardship, and more. Discover how principles such as integrity, compassion, and perseverance can serve as powerful tools for navigating the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.


But that's not all – we'll also discuss how to integrate biblical values into your business practices, fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and excellence that sets you apart in the marketplace. Plus, we'll explore the role of supportive allies in championing women entrepreneurs and promoting a culture of inclusivity and empowerment in business.


Whether you're seeking spiritual inspiration, practical wisdom, or meaningful connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, this workshop offers something for everyone. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to align your business with your beliefs and embark on a journey of growth, purpose, and fulfillment.


Register now and secure your spot in this life-changing digital workshop. Together, let's harness the timeless wisdom of the Bible to elevate our businesses, empower our communities, and make a positive impact on the world.



Bible & Business workshop

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