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Highlighting Secret Miracles, Inc.: A Connect HER 2 WIN Trailblazer Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce Secret Miracles, Inc. as a Trailblazer Sponsor for the Connect HER 2 WIN Annual Conference 2024. This partnership celebrates the incredible work Secret Miracles, Inc. has done in empowering underrepresented students and aligns perfectly with the mission of Connect HER 2 WIN to support and uplift women in business and leadership.

About Secret Miracles, Inc.

Secret Miracles, Inc. began as a community initiative in 2007, when a group of passionate volunteers successfully started mentoring low-income students in New Orleans, LA. The volunteers provided essential college and career guidance to help students navigate their futures. This grassroots initiative evolved into an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) organization on January 21, 2015.

Today, Secret Miracles, Inc. is a beacon of hope and transformation for underrepresented students preparing to transition out of high school. The organization’s mission is to equip these students with the necessary resources and guidance to successfully move from being students to becoming the next generation of leaders. This multifaceted approach to supporting youth underscores the organization’s commitment to fostering resilience, empowerment, and leadership.

Trailblazer Sponsorship Benefits

As a Trailblazer Sponsor, Secret Miracles, Inc. will enjoy extensive visibility and recognition throughout the Connect HER 2 WIN Annual Conference 2024. The sponsorship package includes:

  • Ad Recognition: Secret Miracles, Inc. will be featured in WIN spaces leading up to the conference, showcasing their impactful work.

  • Email Blasts: Monthly features in our email blasts will highlight their contributions and mission.

  • Conference Directory Listing: Inclusion in the WIN Annual Conference Directory.

  • Acknowledgements: Public acknowledgment of support at general WIN meetings and the Annual Award Ceremony.

  • Boujee Bags Inclusion: Opportunity to include products or offers in the coveted Boujee Bags.

  • Social Media Mention: Recognition on Connect HER 2 WIN’s social media platforms.

  • Complimentary Ticket: One complimentary ticket to the conference, with a 20% discount on additional tickets.

  • Event Recognition: Sponsor placement at event registration booths and on the conference banner.

  • Vendor Exhibit: A dedicated booth setup at the vendor exhibit, providing a platform to engage with attendees.

  • Logo Placement: Company logo featured on the event landing page, website, directory, and blog.

  • Support Badges: Use of the WIN Support sponsor badge and WIN company logo for their website, social media, and other platforms.

  • Community Booths: Complimentary section at the WIN Community Booths with a Trailblazer Sponsor sign displayed at the WIN Annual Meetup 2024.

  • Verbal Recognition: Acknowledgment as a Trailblazer Sponsor by our Guest MC during the event.

The Impact of Sponsorship

The partnership between Secret Miracles, Inc. and Connect HER 2 WIN exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving social change. By sponsoring the conference, Secret Miracles, Inc. not only gains visibility and networking opportunities but also aligns with a network dedicated to empowering women and fostering leadership.

This sponsorship allows Secret Miracles, Inc. to amplify its mission and impact, reaching a broader audience and inspiring other organizations and individuals to support underrepresented students. The Connect HER 2 WIN Annual Conference 2024 is the perfect platform for Secret Miracles, Inc. to showcase its commitment to education, mentorship, and community empowerment.

Join Us

We invite you to join us at the Connect HER 2 WIN Annual Conference 2024 to connect with inspiring leaders, engage in valuable networking opportunities, and support organizations like Secret Miracles, Inc. that are making a difference in our communities.

Secure your tickets now and get ready to be part of a transformative experience. Together, we can empower the next generation of leaders and create lasting change.

For more information about Secret Miracles, Inc. and to explore their impactful work, visit Secret Miracles, Inc..

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!



Mrs. Ernise Cummings, Owner of Secret miracles, Inc.
Mrs. Ernise Cummings, Owner of Secret miracles, Inc.

Originally, from New Orleans, Louisiana. A retired Department of Defense federal employee with over 43 years of Federal Service. Considered an expert in the areas of Contracting and Small Business.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, from Northwood University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Troy State University.

Active Real Estate Agent in the State of Georgia.

The Founder/CEO of Secret Miracles, Inc., a Georgia bases non-profit that mentor students in college prep, career planning, entrepreneurship, and other life essential trainings.

Corporate Partner with the non-profit, Women Into Networking (W.I.N), a Business networking community specifically designed to empower women and those who support them, in business by fostering connections, collaboration, and professional growth. 

Mrs. Cummings is considered a philanthropist because of the number of resources, experiences, skills, and time given to help create a better world.

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