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Carol Whyne

Anti-Inflammatory Wellness Strategist

I offer coaching services to midlifers who are struggling with inflammation which leads to chronic diseases such as : pain, insomnia, fatigue, arthritis, high blood pressure, and many more. I help them to reduce inflammatory responses, and live a normal healthy life. I offer one and one, group coaching sessions ; mindset, accountability, goal setting, healthy lifestyle changes adding seed- based/ plant-based products- the black cumin seed which is the main ingredient. I am an author of the book “ You Can” I also offer Selfcare Travels where one can get commissions to travel and for others to travel, land, sea, air. There is also the opportunity to earn residual income. Please see my website listed below, you can also call or text me, direct message me the word: wellness. Let’s have a 15 minute clarity call. Looking forward to serving you!!


Carol Whyne
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