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Back II Basics Session 1
Allegra Jackson

Back II Basics Session 1

In these sessions we are covering: -Using CHATgpt to create a mini course Hosted by: Tricia Osborne @thetechsavvylady Tricia Allen Osborne is a highly respected training professional with more than 25 years of experience in managing global diverse training programs, both sales and technical in nature. With her exceptional skills in designing end-to-end curriculum and managing courses on various LMS platforms, she has been helping solopreneur experts launch courses without the technical overwhelm. Tricia is passionate about promoting diversity and equality in the tech industry, especially for women and women of color. Her commitment to ensuring a level playing field for everyone is evident in everything she does. Tricia is a knowledgeable and an engaging speaker who can inspire and educate an audience on AI and ChatGPT,. Her passion for knowledge and her dedication to helping others learn is a testament to her success. Tricia has a solid educational background, holding an undergraduate degree in Information Science and a Masters in Education, specifically Instructional Design and Technology, as well as an MBA with a focus on technology management. Tricia spent almost 20 years in Silicon Valley and had a successful career working for a San Jose-based tech company before moving to Florida to work for a SAAS company. Tricia considers herself a serial entrepreneur, having maintained side hustles in photography, ecommerce, and consulting for the past 20 years.
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