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Spotlighting WIN Member: Dr. Manuela Jimenez

The WIN community is all about empowering our members! That’s how we all win by supporting each other! So, with that in mind, let’s take a moment and spotlight, Dr. Manuela Jimenez, Ed.D…

She is a dedicated educator focusing on English Language Arts from preschool through higher education and a certified school Principal and Supervisor. She is committed to addressing inequality in educational institutions and supports aspiring minority leaders of all genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientations to create a more inclusive educational system.

Her research explores how organizational structures perpetuate inequality and hinder the advancement of minority leaders within academic institutions. Dr. Jimenez uses various research methods to advocate for reform in educational institutions from kindergarten through college.

She helps to empowers diverse women through Women in Networking (W.I.N.) and Women in Networking Worldwide (W.N.W.), New Jersey Chapters. Fostering leadership and collaboration at local, national, and international levels. Dr. Jimenez is actively involved in professional associations, alum groups, and fundraising initiatives, demonstrating her dedication to creating opportunities for underprivileged students.

As a Rowan University, Montclair State University, and Rutgers University graduate, Dr. Jimenez embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and service, aiming to impact education policy, equity, and equality for underprivileged students across all academic levels. Dr. Jimenez's journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of education and mentorship. Her dedication to passing on her success to individuals with similar backgrounds illuminates the potential for positive change. Dr. Jimenez's story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating the profound impact of perseverance, education, and empowerment.

After completing her bachelor's degree, she pursued K-12 English Language Arts state certifications at Rutgers University's Center for Continuing Studies. Furthermore, Dr. Jimenez is an alumna of a top-rated high school in New Jersey, where she earned her high school diploma and developed a passion for striving for educational equity, equality and access.

Her overarching goal is to empower individuals from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds by promoting literacy development and formal educational attainment as a catalyst for social upward mobility and inspiring aspiring women leaders to pursue their career goals; to dismantle stereotypes about the intersectionality of gender, beauty and intelligence. 

Now, let’s offer our support to this amazing, inspiring woman by extending our vote to her for the People’s Choice-Miss NJ USA. In addition, please give her a follow by visiting her social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Allegra Jackson
Allegra Jackson
6 days ago

This was such a pleasure to read!!! My Mom & Dad both went to Rutgers University as well! I love that...Much success to you and all of your WINs Queen. Thank you for staying connected to WIN!

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