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Facing your fears

By Katelyn Davanzo

July 12, 2023

Hi! My name is Katelyn Davanzo. I am originally from New York. I am currently a rising senior at the University of Delaware. I have a double major in management and marketing. I am involved in a sorority on campus where I can bond with my sisters and advocate for our philanthropy. I am interested in the different types of marketing and the ways to incorporate marketing on social media platforms. I am very excited for this position as a WIN intern. In my free time I enjoy cooking and playing with my dog, a King Charles Cavalier named Izzy.

I wanted to join WIN because I love the idea of supporting and empowering women in the business world. As a current woman in business myself, I am passionate about being a part of a community where I can learn and network with other women in the industry. Networking to myself means having the potential to gain personal connections while also obtaining new ideas and resources. Some prior experiences I have with networking include my involvement in my aunt’s insurance company. I felt intimidated reaching out to one of her bosses about a potential job opportunity. For myself at times, it can be intimidating to contact someone of a higher status, but I knew it would be beneficial to put myself out there. While talking to one of the HR managers over a video call, she told me how glad she was that I reached out and that they are always looking for more women involvement in their company. This one interaction helped me to feel more confident to approach and network with others. As I began to ask her questions, I realized that at one point she was once in my shoes. She was once a college student on the job search. After the conversation we had, I realized I was not alone at all. There will always be people who can empathize with you. If you ever feel like me and find it nerve-wracking to reach out to others, remember in the end it can be worth it as I got offered an interview for a future position after the call. Feel free to contact me to talk anytime at

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